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Where each placenta is processed with care and

prepared with love! 

The Little Dreamer's Den has provided Placenta Services to over 

200 clients and counting since 2016!

 Assisted at over 480 out of hospital births since 2011!

What my clients are saying...

Lesheana was amazing! She did my placenta encapsulation and it was so easy. She is, first of all, super friendly, and you can tell she cares about the mamas! She made the whole thing very personal.

This was my fourth baby, but my first time getting my placenta encapsulated and I can testify I REALLY WISH I would have done it with my other three. I had so much more energy this time and I know I healed WAY faster than with the other ones. I was up and walking around and running errands in no time.

The whole process was so easy. Lesheana came to the birthing center we were at, picked up the placenta, and it was encapsulated and back to us within a day or two. So fast! And she wrapped it all up so cute!!

If you're even considering it, GO FOR IT. This was amazing. Lesheana is fantastic. I will recommend her to every pregnant friend I have.

Gina Erickson - review from facebook

What our customers are saying

Lesheana was an amazing support for my first birth, which was unmedicated and at The Birthing Inn. She came to my house when I felt ready, but wasn't quite sure, and helped me decide when to go in. Once we got to TBI, she stayed with me almost the entire 12 hours - except when I rested. I loved that she took me through "circuits" to keep my mind off the pain and help the labor proceed. She stayed with me a while after the birth and checked on me a week later. For someone I barely knew at first, she was extremely caring, professional, organized, and considerate.

Becca Fairchild - review from facebook

What our customers are saying

Lesheana was so wonderful to work with! She picked up and encapsulated my placenta and brought the pills back to me while I was still in the hospital. She also made a beautiful dream catcher with the cord, which was not expected. I truly appreciate her kindness and this amazing service she provides!

James Krowlickowqrskyz - review from facebook

What our customers are saying

She helped with my first birth as an assistant, and then I learned she did placenta encapsulation, which she did with my second birth. She was so lovely to work with and QUICK! I had them the next day.

Danniele Rae - review from facebook

What our customers are saying

I cannot thank Lesheana enough for her work doing my placenta encapsulation. She made the whole process incredibly personal and simple!! Her service and personal touches exceeded my expectations

Nicole Berkman - review from facebook

What our customers are saying

Lesheana made the encapsulation process simple, worry​-free, and personal. I would definitely recommend her

Stacey  Oberle - review from facebook

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